We share your risk.

Let’s be frank – traditional recruiting methods no longer cut it in today’s global talent landscape. Posting job ads and sifting through piles of generic resumes leaves your mission-critical roles empty for too long. It’s time to make the switch to retained recruitment powered by predictive behavioural analytics. 

As strategic talent advisors, we become an extension of your leadership team. Through in-depth consultation, we gain intimate understanding of your organisation’s pain points, culture and long-term vision. This context allows us to identify under-the-radar, potentially passive candidates that align perfectly with your values and have the attributes to thrive. Gone are the days of hiring trials that result in a 40% turnover average. 

Our behavioural assessments uncover dealbreaker flaws early while spotlighting candidates’ innate motivators and communication style. We analyse job-fit based on proven science, not just hunches. By predicting candidate success and longevity, we dramatically reduce hiring risks that cost companies over $680 billion globally each year.

If you’re ready to hire top talent that accelerates performance from day one, transforms culture and sticks around for the long haul, it’s time to demand more from your recruiter. Let’s connect to discuss how our retained search and predictive analytics can help build your resilient, world-class team. The results will speak for themselves.

A true partner.




We are a highly collaborative team. Each of us has a special skill and we own our place in the business. Naturally we adopted an Agile framework and what fuels that is our 3i’s:

We believe in honesty and facts.

Sincerely and deeply understanding client’s problems.

Being curious, knowledge-sharing and knowledge-seeking to continuously improve.

Journey to MHI


Most recruiters are salespeople masquerading as talent advisors. Meeting sales targets trumps finding ideal talent. This misalignment produces noise and misrepresentation, marring reputations. We rejected status quo recruiting to become true hiring experts.

Rethinking Recruitment

Our founder rejected sales-driven recruiting, instead prioritizing integrity and value – the foundation of our 3i’s. After almost two decades of client-focused consultancy, he realized recruiters must offer more. This sparked the idea for MHI.

Our beginning

MHI was finally born with one simple yet vital mission: Implement our unmatched model grounded in Integrity, Interest and Intelligence. This ethos guides everything we do.

Check out what we do, and how.

 “Understanding that behaviour is as critical as skills, differentiates us. Investing to develop a knowledge-based, technology and science approach, separates us,”