Unique Benefits


As an MHI Candidate you are offered special benefits. 

Our candidates are all given a free BX assessment. This is not just for clients to see how well you may fit into their business, but for you to learn things about your mind you didn’t realise before.

With our 50 page report and expert consultation breakdown, there is little to uncover about the way your mind works, and this can be a very powerful tool for you to take more control over your future success.

How does it work?

BX is like an X-Ray Machine for the Mind.

Somebody’s mindset determines their feelings and their actions. And these determine their results, in business as well as in life in general. 

That’s why it is so important to understand how people think. BX measures Thinking Patterns (Meta Programs) and Value Sets (Graves Drives).

How does it work?
Firstly it is not a long and stressful test like you have in psychometric profiling. 

BX is a quiz that is engaging and interactive, and lasts no more than 40 minutes.  

Once completed, our specialists will put together your report, which is around 50 pages long and goes into remarkable depth. The specialist consultant will then arrange a feedback session with you which will take you through the whole report so you can understand it completely. 

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