No matter how great a service sounds there are always questions. At MHI we are totally transparent and hope some of the FAQs below help.

MHI | Talent

For permanent placements, absolutely! We are a team that has been where you are and understand it is an impact on your budget to use external support to fill vacancies. Senior positions often have a minimum of 6 months probation and a maximum of 12 months. We believe in integrity and if we expect you to believe in us it is only right we offer a rebate period that reflects that. 

You’d expect an elite service to charge elite prices. The average recruitment fee in Europe is 15-30%. Since we know how restrictive hiring budgets can be we charge 15%. Never more, and always. 

Permanent placements
The tools we use, our canvassing and assessment framework is a far more in depth method than the average agency, thus more costly to us. Since we also offer our one year free replacement; to help achieve a mutual balance where commitment is invested at both ends we offer a retained service and payment structure that doesn’t shock your HC budget, and shares your risk.

  • 1/4 payment at start.
  • 1/4 payment when milestones are met (e.g. final interviews).
  • 1/4 payment when offer is accepted.
  • 1/4 payment 4 weeks after the candidates’ start date.

Contingent/Temporary/Fixed Term placements
There are several ways we can go forward. Our fees range from 10%-25%. Our payment terms are 4 weeks from receiving a signed timesheet and lasts for the duration of the contract. 

The fee really depends on if you would like to take advantage of our compliance service. It can often be handy to keep everything under one roof, which we can. 

We are less a recruitment sales team at MHI and more a tight knit team of consultants. Each of us has a particular skillset and therefore the right vacancy is dealt with by the right consultant. We operate mostly, but not exclusively in STEM. Where some agencies encourage internal competition, we believe there is enough competition out there, so we prefer to work as one unit.

We love doing this 🙂 and internationally too. We are more than happy to come and meet you properly and advise you further.

Our wealth of experience in STEM means there are few vacancies we have not had experience in placing. We do however, not support in any vacancies below £80,000. We aim to add value to you by placing hard-to-fill, critical roles.

MHI | Behaviour

Our NLP-based assessment is not at all a gruelling test like psychometric assessments. It came to us as no surprise that we score incredibly highly in surveys we have done. It last approximately 30 minutes too, a lot shorter and really quite a pleasure thought-provoking experience. 

We often find ourselves in teams, that things are not always harmonious. We have found that this is actually not always about personality, but more about behaviour. We have delivered coaching workshops that give individuals a poignant insight into their mindsets, and the tools to harness that knowledge. It is the same for leaders – we can give you the power to understand the mindsets in your team, and create a better working construct. The wider benefit is our services help unemployment to a degree. We have kept people in post in the past through our coaching in the past. 

There is a lot more we can do, just ask us!

We are very flexible. We can deliver training remotely, or at your offices. We love meeting people!

In our sector, we are very competitively priced. Unlike MHI Talent though we can’t largely replicate a winning model and give it a fixed price. With the great diversity of minds we always create bespoke solutions. We would be very happy to have an initial call with you to discuss your needs.

MHI | Compliance

That is a long list! We currently operate in every continent! For specific information please do contact us!

Absolutely. Where there are a shortage of skills, companies often dream of the idea of bringing someone from abroad with the skillsets needed. MHI Compliance can deal with the entire process for you, as well as accommodation and pick up.

Just like in our Behaviour team, since all our services are built for you and you alone, and as such impossible for us to provide pricing before careful consultation of your needs. We can reveal however that we our pricing is highly competitive.