MHI has 8 years of expertise in Finance supplying top talent to SMEs and large organisations across EMEA.

Our Finance Hiring Expertise

  • Asset Management
    • Portfolio managers, research analysts, relationship managers to service investments and high net worth clients.

  • Investment Banking
    • Advisors focused on areas like mergers & acquisitions, IPOs, equity/debt financing.

  • Financial Analysis
    • Analysts providing research, modeling, forecasts, and data insights on industries, securities, companies.

  • Risk Management
    • Specialists in identifying and mitigating financial risks related to markets, credit, operations and regulations.

  • Fintech
    • Developers and programmers with skills in emerging technologies like blockchain, AI/ML, data analytics, cybersecurity.

Other areas we have experience in are alternative investments, actuarial science, compliance and audit roles, quantitative analysts, commercial banking, and private equity. Having robust analytical abilities, market knowledge, relationship building skills and keeping updated on technology trends is crucial in the fast-paced finance sector.

Our quality reviews have uncovered common issues faced by our Finance clients

Bad Processes

Most use the same processes and partners, despite the recurring struggle to hire. Internal teams generally have not realised just how much hiring has changed, and seldom have the freedom to overhaul out-dated processes when time is short.

Strategic Workforce Planning

Most of our clients don’t have a forward-looking recruitment plan, and often fall into a vicious cycle we call ‘reactionary recruitment’. Passive pools of talent are often never managed effectively, and talent is rarely available.

Missing Diversity Targets

Most of our clients admit not knowing where to start with diverse hiring or uncommon talent pools. One major factor against diversity is unconscious bias from the scoping outset to interviews and selection.

These hurdles don't surprise us as we have been in your shoes, as clients. Thankfully there is a much better way.

When business goals out-weigh hiring best practices, we understand that time if often is not on your side. You cannot be expected to hire swiftly and ensure a completely bias-free, inclusive and enjoyable process for candidates. 

Our knowledge-based science and technology approach ensures we use facts and figures along with our tactful and empathetic nature to hire the right way for you. Not only will we empower your hiring teams, but our one-year free replacement period is our way to put our money where our mouth is and give you total peace of mind.