MHI Behaviour

Reveal your employees' mindsets - with our powerful Behavioural X-ray Framework. Book an array of Training & Coaching from Unconscious Bias to Leadership Development.

We don't just assess behaviour.

BX is like an X-Ray Machine for the Mind.

Somebody’s mindset determines their feelings and their actions. And these determine their results, in business as well as in life in general. 

That’s why it is so important to understand how people think. BX measures Thinking Patterns (Meta Programs) and Value Sets (Graves Drives). 

How can BX empower me and boost efficacy in my people initiatives?

BX is the ultimate a solution to understand what changes are needed in coaching and mentoring as well as talent attraction and retention. 

BX is helping individuals understand their own mindset, helps improve team cohesion and cognitive diversity in teams. It is used to resolve conflict and it can benchmark the ideal mindset for a certain function as well as help organizations change.

Understand and Communicate

BX helps professionals understand people’s mindsets, adapt their communication to better reach them, help them change or match them to the right job. BX helps professionals train people more easily, coach them, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and so on. BX is being used both with individuals and with teams and organisations.

Breakdown of MHI Behaviours' 3 Service Areas.

For Teams

  • BX can help you understand the mindset of all individual team members. You can make it easier for them to understand each other and to define the best working sequence for the team.

For Leadership

  • BX can help you understand the strengths and improvement options for any leader. Learn how to measure and improve the four essential leadership processes.

Cognitive style & Diversity in teams 

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