MHI Talent

Top Talent with the right Behaviour, E/ED&I & Hiring Best Practice workshops, Market Analysis, Process Design and Change Management. Powered by our Behaviour X-ray framework.

We're not just recruiters.


We are a specialist team of Hiring Consultants with 4 dedicated service areas.

Recruitment &
Talent Acquisition



Coaching &

Our 8 Step Hiring Process

1. Investigate

Initial meeting with hiring team to ascertain team dynamics, core needs and time line.

2. Strategy

Having understood your critical needs, we will determine which of our strategies will work best.

3. Implement

Implement and execute your bespoke talent attraction strategy & regular syncs with you.

4. Shortlist

Shortlist of candidates with their BX reports. Pass rate will vary and discussed beforehand.

5. Interview Management

Scheduling, and advise you the best techniques for each individual interviewed.

6. Offer Management

Securing you talent starts much earlier in our process which preserves negotiating power.

7. Onboarding

Liaise with onboarding & HR to ensure a smooth experience. RTW will have been checked, saving time.

8. Check-ins

Check-ins with candidates & clients, at 1, 3 & 6 months. It is our complimentary aftercare service.

How does Behaviour X-ray improve my hiring effectiveness?

BX vs traditional Psychometric Assessments

Unlike psychometric assessments, BX is not a test. It does not lock people up in personality boxes, as we assume individuals will think differently in different situations.

With BX you are provided a metaprofile analysis of individuals. This is similar to a psychometic profile, but with one critical difference; we are able to ascertain behaviours based on a specific situation, or context.

BX provides the data which we interpret and offer as advice and tools to learn how to select better, and improve retention.

Mindsets vary with Context

One standout feature of BX is that it presupposes that somebody’s thinking style can be different in different situations. For example, their thinking patterns at work may differ vastly from those at home, and BX can capture this.

Focus on People and Results

BX offers accurate, practical insights that can be applied in real-world situations. Wherever people and results are important, BX is a fine grained, accurate and practical tool.

Break down of MHI Talents'
4 Service Areas.

Recruitment & Talent Acquisition

  • Headhunting senior talent, powered by BX
  • Recruitment Process Design (from vacancy uptake to offer)
  • Recruitment Strategy (attracting top talent at all levels across the business)
  • Retention Strategy (EVP, compensation and benefits)

Process Improvement (Requisition request to onboarding)

  • Full investigation & evaluation
  • Highlighting pros and cons of current process
  • Improvement areas
  • Report or implement of smoother process

Market Analysis

  • Salary surveys
  • Market Mapping
  • Competitor Mapping
  • New market insights (also see MHI Compliance)

Coaching & Training

  • Unconscious bias workshop
  • Interviewing best practices
  • E/ED&I (Equity, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion) workshop
  • Coaching & Training (interview skills, recruitment best practice, unconscious bias workshops)