MHI Compliance

When working around the world it is vital to use a service provider with the expertise and knowledge to get you the right compliant solution. We have both global reach and local knowledge providing you with compliant, effective, workforce solution anywhere.

We don't just set up payroll.

We have pioneered the concept of providing accurate and detailed information, throughout our network of companies to the International Workforce Management sectors, with the aim of being at the top of an industry that focuses on transparency and promotes corporate relations.

Why is MHI Compliance the best partner for my business?

Experts who speak plainly

We keep it simple and consistent. We focus on individual and personalised advise to whomever we do business with. Our clients can always expect excellent service, timely delivery, current market knowledge, fast processing, and that professional and personal touch that makes us who we are.

Economical & Efficient

We understand that time is money, and that you need a partner that you can not only trust but keeps things as simple as possible so that you can keep running your business. Our approach is flexible, optimised and personalised to provide our clients with the easiest working solutions possible.

Proven Results

Our clients have benefited from our expertise and professionalism helping them grow their business and remain globally legal and compliant.

Breakdown of MHI Compliances' 2 Service Areas.

Contract Management

  • Timesheet control, invoicing & payment systems, advances CRM
  • Local, international & cross-border payroll
  • Contract administration, support, consultancy agreements
  • Contractor insurance
  • Book-keeping, Tax accounting, Social Security
  • Fiscal Controls, Pension Advice
  • Local/Work countries’ fiscal affairs, In-country compliance
  • Advice on home-country statutory affairs

Ancillary Services (varying by country)

  • Visa, work & residency permit processing
  • Business/Administration support
  • Immigration support
  • Relocation Assistance
  • Medical Insurance
  • Meet & Greet Accommodation Services